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Empowering people to live better lives--providing the awareness and tools for making better life choices, especially ethical choices--is an important part of what TWI does and who we are. As a nonprofit we seek to partner with other nonprofits in two ways:

Providing training and technical assistance to help build ethical cultures essential for the success of nonprofit organizations. TWI offers programs that equip employees, leaders and volunteers with the skills crucial for serving the mission of the organization. TWI's programs in staff and board development, and client services, will bring to your organization greater effectiveness and deeper commitment to your vision of service.

Training And Technical Assistance

You can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him. –Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Nonprofit agencies and corporations exist based on trust and transparency. Your volunteers, contributors, staff, and even the public, choose to be associated with your agency and that choice depends on your agency’s ethics. Being known for having a culture of integrity and ethics is an essential part of your ability to grow, to fulfill your mission.

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Nonprofit leaders deal with many unique issues and concerns, most of them people and relationship related. Among them, they must build capacity under a variety of constraints; find innovative ways to problem solve and build teams, both staff and volunteer; communicate effectively with disparate stakeholders like boards, staff members, volunteers, potential contributors, and often the public; provide volunteers the communication skills that empower them effectively to share the mission in ways that create interest and generate commitment; and generate a work environment where morale is high, tasks are willingly and efficiently accomplished, and where people and relationships are respected.

TWI’s Transformative Ethics training programs, customized to meet the specific needs of your nonprofit, will take your ethical environment to a new level of respect and trust. Our values-based ethics training programs provide the tools and skills that make that growth possible.

TWI's Transformative Training©, is a suite of programs that empowers people and builds relationships using the Transformative Communication Model© as the core of its programs. The Transformative model is a powerful, innovative and highly successful tool for meeting the specific needs of your nonprofit. This suite of training programs includes Leadership, Team Building, Communication, and Customer Service.

For more information about TWI’s training programs, email TWI or call 480-517-1891.

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Training and Technical Assistance

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