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An ethics program that exists on paper but never in the hearts, minds, and actions of the organization’s employees creates a breeding ground for violations. - “Ethical Culture Building: A modern business imperative” A research report by The Ethics Resource Center – 2008

Our TWI training focus is to move hearts and minds into action that builds ethical work environments.

Our focus: Personal and organizational assessments, practical models and useful materials designed for ethical communication; valuing people, and successful interactions.  We assist leadership in building stronger ethical work environments. Attendees will comment that they want to teach the skills they learned to their family and co-workers.

Each class topic and material is designed to affect people at the living level of their lives. Programs are adapted to meet the needs or address the issues of each organization.

Our classes:

Transformative Ethics Training Programs

Integrity has no need of rules. - Albert Camus

Butterfly Good

These programs provide the knowledge, tools and skills that give individuals the ability to be a drop of ethical value that can influence and effect change. They transform people and organizations by increasing trust through building strong, viable personal and professional relationships; developing an effective, dynamic decision making process; and holding ourselves accountable for how our actions and attitudes affect our personal and professional relationships.

Transformative Ethics: Making Ethical Decisions in the Gray Zone
Transcending policy and conduct codes, this class equips you with the knowledge, skills and practical tools that empower choosing to do the right thing. Consistent right decisions build trust and respect and provide the foundation for building mutual understanding with clients, customers, colleagues and the overall community. Half-day or full day classes. 

Owning Your Ethics: Empowering a Stronger Ethical Workplace
Strong ethical cultures are intentional. The alignment of organizational values and ethical expectation of actions are essential success. What it takes to build an ethical culture is the focus of this class.

Strengthening Your Team: Building Relationships through Building Trust
Interpersonal friction, distrust, and frustration often holds back the effectiveness of leadership teams and boards. We build relationships by empowering the transformational aspects of mutual ethical decision making and stronger relationships through greater ethical awareness.

From Fear to Trust: New Ethical Strategies in Law Enforcement
We offer a pioneering new program for law enforcement. This 3-day training program challenges the usual out-dated “coffee and donut” ethics training that is fear-based and rarely addresses the modern issues facing public safety professionals. We provide the information and tools needed to help leaders build and sustain an ethical culture that promotes and empowers people to make good decisions and take personal responsibility for their decisions. 

For more information about how TWI can customize ethics training programs for your organization contact Marcy Maslov at or call 480-517-1891.

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Transformative Training Programs

Mountain Climbers

Communication Effectiveness: Effective communication is a learned ability.

These powerful communication programs use a simple but dynamic process to teach the complex art of effective communication. Individuals are given the skills and tools that improve their ability to communicate effectively in their professional and personal conversations--to be more effective, have fewer conflicts and create more value for their customers and organizations.

Communicating with VALUES: Stronger Relationships for a Great Workplace
We provide the tools and skills that good make communicators more effective. VALUES is an acronym for a highly successful communication process, simple yet profound, for gaining deeper understanding of what it takes to improve relationships and empower others through ethical interpersonal interactions. 

Communicating with VALUES: Having Effective Difficult Conversations
Being an effective communicator is the result of having, and using, a repertoire of ethical skills and tools, especially when having those “difficult” conversations. You learn how to apply our VALUES based skills, tools and “Tool Box” in preparing for productive conversations that produce the results you want to have.

Communicating with VALUES: Working with Difficult People
Some people are hard to deal with. It takes confidence in your communication skills to “deal” with such people successfully. Our VALUES based communication process provides you with that confidence as you learn to apply them to build relationships and work more effectively in all situations.

Strategic and Tactical Leadership: Great leaders transform the people and organizations they lead.  

We develop leadership skills  necessary to run a successful organization or department. Skills that will help recruit, retain and develop key employees, as well as acquire and keep customers. The strategic and tactical components to the programs that work together to build leadership competencies and to develop the communication skills required for empowering people to achieve to their fullest potential.

Transformative Leadership Classes: Everyone Is a Leader;  Transformative Supervisors
We provide a unique and effective approach to developing your leadership abilities in both strategic (“what” leaders do) and tactical (“how” leaders effectively do it) applications. The foundation for great leadership is not a series of add-on activities, but is an integrated operating system that produces results and creates excellence. We provide an operational model for leadership that presents and applies the proven strategic functions and tactical abilities lived by great leaders. 

Transformative Leadership: Building and Ethical Culture
Focusing on the strategic components of leadership (make/mold a vision, motivate, mentor, manage, monitor, and minister) we provide and build upon the skills and tools essential being a great leader and building a culture of integrity.

Transformative Leadership: Building a Culture of Integrity
Leaders seeking to build an ethical environment will use this 3-day experience. Integrating TWI’s leadership, communication and ethical decision-making programs, the leadership team examines the ethical culture of their organization and applies awareness, skills and tools as they create, and build, a transformative strategy for implementing their vision for a stronger and more productive culture.

Coaching for Effectiveness
Coaching is a skill-based process offering rich rewards for coach, coached and the organization. We break down the process into the simple, practical knowledge and skills that build confidence in the coach and generate success.


The transformative approach of these programs strengthens people's ability and will to judge what is right, care deeply about what is right and, to do what is right. This approach builds a culture of integrity that exists, not just on paper, but “in the hearts, minds, and actions of the organization’s employees.”

For more information about these training programs contact Marcy Maslov at or call 480-517-1891.

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