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Ethics Awareness Inventory Testimonials

Some of the reasons why the Ethics Awareness Inventory is the gold standard for ethics learning tools:

  • Well over 670,000 individuals have taken it
  • Colleges, universities, government agencies and business use it
  • Validity and reliability statistically are demonstrated
  • Practical in application and sound in foundational ethics theory
  • Effective, yet simple, ethical decision making process included
  • Awareness of multiple ethical perspectives and underlying values is created

Comments about the EAI’s learning power by users of the EAI:

“I compliment the Williams Institute for the quality and value of the Ethics Awareness Inventory tool. It has become a critical foundation of my class in that the students are, oftentimes for the first time, able to determine how they personally view ethical matters with tangible concepts. The four CORE perspectives help them realize that there is more than just their way to view an ethical situation. It opens their eyes to critical thinking and an understanding of the concept of multiple viewpoints and that there is more than one way to view an ethical dilemma to determine a resolution. I have found the EAI to be an eye-opener that equips, empowers, and encourages them to make a difference in the world, starting within their immediate reach.”

~ James Delzer, University of Phoenix professor


“After I completed the Ethics Awareness Inventory, I felt that I gained insight into the complex world of ethics. I think that as a society we often look at ethics through very narrow guidelines. I never understood that there were multiple ways of looking at ethical concerns."

~ Graduate Student, Northern Arizona University


“Students often enter the business ethics classes with experience in ‘following their gut’ when faced with an ethical dilemma. By using the Ethics Awareness Inventory, they begin to understand and define what is behind that feeling. The EAI provides a framework that shows the students four primary models of ethical perspectives and helps them identify their own tendency. Reviewing their EAI scores shows the student how these different ways of viewing an ethical dilemma influence their own viewpoint. Using EAI in the classroom brings out not only the different approaches our MBAs use in ethical decision-making, but it also helps us to highlight how to communicate across those differences. Discussing the EAI in class helps to show our highly multicultural student body that these perspectives and the values embodied within them are shared across various cultures.”

~ Melissa Samuelson, Clinical Professor, Thunderbird School of Global Management


“Since 1997, the Ethics Awareness Inventory developed by TWI has been a vital part of teaching ethics in the classroom at the University of Phoenix. Many students have taken their experience in building ethics awareness using the EAI back to their own organizations and introduced the use of the inventory to create and sustain a culture supportive of sound ethical decision making.”

~ Dr. Thomas E. Leman, former Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, University of Phoenix


“For the last several years, I have used the Ethics Awareness Inventory to add significant value to my courses on Executive Ethics and Management Ethics. The industry executives and managers have found that these courses provide them with new insight into their ethical thinking and give them a process for reaching decisions at all levels.”

~ Dr. Bernard M. Curtis, President, Human Development Strategies


“I wish I had known about the Ethics Awareness Inventory when I was teaching Ethics. When students identify their own CORE ethical perspective that they tend to use when making personal ethical decisions, classroom discussion and learning moves from the hypothetical to practical, real world application. The EAI is one of the reasons I’m at TWI.”

~ Dr. David Braaten, former university professor and current TWI President

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