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The foundation of TWI’s work is the unique belief that ethics is, ultimately, about people, relationships, and taking personal responsibility for one’s choices. Our mission is to help people judge what is right, care deeply about what is right, and do what is right. Our message is about building cultures of integrity through focus on transforming behavior over conforming behavior, and about empowering the will to do what is right.

To find out more about these speakers and the topics of transformational ethics and values-driven communication, contact TWI by emailing us or by calling 480-517-1891.


Speakers available for your organization

Presenting a refreshingly positive and empowering personal approach to organizational ethics, which we call Transformative Ethics, the message offered by TWI’s speakers will forever change the way you and your organization look at the role of ethics in your workplace.

Marcy Maslov, MBA, CGMA, CPCC, Current TWI President/CEO

Marcy has become a champion and powerful voice for her innovative approach to building strong ethical leaders and creating a safe space for practicing how to solve ethical dilemmas. Marcy joined TWI because she shares an appreciation of building ethics in community and understands that ethics is about the responsibility and consequences of making ethical choices.  Marcy has spoken at national and international conferences on Unlocking the Positive Value of Ethics and offers an interactive program that engages audiences in truly understanding the definition of ethics for themselves, their teams and the communities they serve.

David Braaten, PhD, TWI Past President/CEO

David has spoken to hundreds of audiences, nationally and internationally, infusing topics of culture, values, and spiritual concerns with insights derived from his background as educator, therapist, pastor and visionary leader. David joined TWI because of its emphasis on relational responsibility in making ethical choices and speaks from the sincerity of this conviction and the knowledge that TWI’s approach to ethics can be transformational to any organization.

Linda Williams, PhD, Co-founder, The Williams Institute for Ethics and Management

Linda’s story of transition from NASA policy analyst during the Challenger disaster to Co-founder and President of TWI is a compelling account of vision, sacrifice and success. She presents a profound understanding of the essentials of ethics and of the importance of its transformative impact on the workplace.

Dan Schweiker, TWI Board Member

Dan is the co-founder of a highly successful international beverage company. Throughout his career, Dan has lived the belief that ethics is ultimately about people and relationships. His success is the result of this ethical approach to his employees and customers. An effective and engaging speaker, Dan brings his practical experience and successes to the topic of Building a Culture of integrity.

To find out more about these speakers and the topics of transformational ethics and values-driven communication, contact TWI by emailing us or by calling 480-517-1891.

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