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Ethics Awareness Inventory

The online version of this popular and internationally used instrument provides a statistically valid and reliable ethics learning tool for educators and trainers. As individuals identify which of four ethical perspectives they tend to use when making ethical decisions, they gain greater awareness of their personal connection to ethical behavior and reasoning. In addition, the awareness that others might have an ethical perspective becomes an “ahha” moment that leads to more effective communication as communication differences and an effective four-step decision making process are also presented.

Click here to read “Ethical Competency and the Ethics Awareness Inventory,” a brief introduction to a practical and comprehensive learning process for developing ethical competency taught through the Ethics Awareness Inventory.

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Ethical Choices in the Workplace

The online version of this instrument used in TWI’s Communicating Ethical Climate (CET) organizational diagnostic of ethical culture has application for individuals, organizations and educators looking for a tool to explore ethics in organizations. The instrument reports the degree of evidence employees perceive of essential ethical dimensions such as ability to communicate about ethical concerns, trust and empowerment, respect for individual judgment, and expectation of performance integrity. The results lead to a deeper understanding of the strengths and needs in developing cultures of integrity.

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