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Committed to helping promote ethical thinking and behavior in education, TWI offers both educators and students the opportunity to engage in ethical exploration in the classroom. TWI’s programs can enrich the learning environment, as well as strengthen the educational culture of integrity at your school.


TWI is passionate about providing educators at all levels useful and effective ethics-related tools that give your students ethical decision making awareness and skills. We are convinced that when students are given the means to think in ethical terms-when they are given the tools to think beyond themselves to the impact of their decisions on their relationships-this will create meaningful and lasting change in empathy and behavior.

Both in the classroom and in the workroom, teachers and administrators are faced with ethical choices throughout the day. TWI offers both training and teaching resources to help educators reach their goal of greater academic excellence through stronger ethical learning environments.


Through our annual ethics essay contest, high school junior and seniors are presented with an ethical issue in society and then given a critical thinking process for reflection and classroom discussion.  Contest currently on hiatus. 

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Even the most rational approach to ethics is defenseless if there isn’t the will to do what is right.  - Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Training that transforms

TWI’s training programs equip both teachers and administrators with the tools and skills to build a more positive and supportive work environment.

Rowing Veer

Co-workers. Teams. Committees. Parents. Strong working relationships are important for a dynamic learning environment. TWI’s Transformative Ethics and Transformative Training programs develop and nurture those relationships. Whether the goal is encouraging the growth of leadership internally; building teams that creatively and effectively get results; or creating the means to grow mutual trust and respect among co-workers and administrators, TWI has the training program that will meet that need.

Workshops for school and district administrators, TWI customizes our technical assistance and training to assist in reaching the goal of a transformative ethical learning environment.  We customize our Ethics and Transformative Training programs to build on strengths and transform those areas identified for improvement.

Shared values, an understanding of ethical perspectives and decision making, and applying the tools for generating greater trust, respect, and relationship building communication are the foundation for a strong and lasting ethical learning environment.

For more information about TWI’s programs for education, call 480-517-1891.

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Some people put more emphasis on being socially correct than morally right. –Unknown

TWI offers several resources and learning tools to assist and support teachers interested in encouraging students to become aware of the importance of ethical thinking and behavior and to encourage ethical discourse in the classroom.

Ethics Awareness Inventory

The Ethics Awareness Inventory (EAI) helps individuals identify which of four ethical perspectives they tend to use when making personal ethical decisions and offers a process for making ethical decisions. Its use opens up dialogue in the classroom and moves discussion of how one might approach an ethical situation beyond the hypothetical to real application and self-reflection. 

Preview the EAI

Guide to Ethical Awareness

The “Guide to Ethical Awareness: Using the EAI to Facilitate Discussion of Ethics in the Classroom” booklet for teachers provides background information on ethics and the four ethical perspectives presented in the EAI, as well as suggested learning objectives and discussion question. The information will help teachers keep the discussion focused on ethics.

Annual Ethics Essay Contest (Curently on Hiatus)

The purpose of TWI’s Ethics Contest is to promote ethics in community by encouraging ethical awareness among high school students and ethical discourse in the classroom. The topics of the essay contest are written to provoke ethical thought and encourage critical thinking. The writing process leads the student from making a choice to stating a responsibility. The contest is also a way to provide scholarships to students and honoraria to teachers. For more information on the site.

For more information about TWI’s resources for education, email us or call 480-517-1891.

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Ethical Choices in the Workplace
Ethics Awarenes Inventory
Preview the EAI online
Preview the ECW online
Guide to Ethical Awareness
Annual Ethics Essay Contest

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