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Ethics education and training are made personal and practical through the use of TWI learning tools. Instruments such as the Ethics Awareness Inventory (EAI) and Ethical Choices in the Workplace (ECW) take the classroom or training room discussion of ethics out of the hypothetical and into the living level of the students lives. For EAI testimonials, click here.

The EAI is perfect for use in an ethics module in almost any course to drive the practical applied learning in an ethics course or ethics training program. Are you exploring the importance of ethics and integrity in the workplace? The ECW’s four dimensions help leaders and employees identify the building blocks for developing an ethical work culture.

Communicating with VALUES, A Seamless Process to Improve Personal and Organizational Effectiveness is a book that offers an important and innovative approach to organizational development by providing tools and knowledge essential for building a values-based culture. Endorsed by Stephen R. Covey.

A great ethics learning tool for high school juniors and seniors is TWI’s Ethics Essay Contest. Meaningful discussion is generated through each year’s provocative topic as students gain awareness about how ethics affects their lives and they apply a critical thinking process that brings them to reflect on their personal involvement in the topic as an ethical person.

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