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TWI offers online access to two of our ethics assessments for university courses, organizational training and development, and strategic planning, as well as individual self-awareness.

Ethics Awareness Inventory (EAI): Over 700,000 individuals and hundreds of schools and organizations have found the EAI an effective, statistically reliable and valid, ethics learning tool. Colleges and universities use the EAI successfully to teach ethical decision making (and ethical theory) in business, education, humanities, psychology, criminal justice, professional studies and more.  High schools have used it as well.  Local governments, community corrections, courts, law enforcement, as well as businesses, use the EAI in ethics training.that promotes making better ethical choices in the "gray areas" of professional life.

Ethical Choices in the Workplace (ECW):  With this values-based instrument, individuals and organizations can assess the degree of fit between their values and the perception of workplace ethical actions and expectations as evidenced through four cultural dimensions essential for a strong ethical work environment. This fit is important for personal and organizational success.

Ethics Awareness Inventory - Due to abuse (ironic isn't it?) this link is no longer available.  If you are interested in taking the EAI to preview it for teaching or training, please email your request to TWI  and you will be sent a link. 

Ethical Choices in the Workplace - click here

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