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Building ethics in community

The Williams Institute for Ethics and Management (TWI) is a nonprofit organization, 501(c) 3, promoting ethics through research, education and leadership development.

The TWI mission is to build ethics in community–wherever people work together to meet a common goal. We are a unique institution that embraces the belief that ethics is more about people, their relationships and personal responsibility for decision making.

As an independent nonprofit ethics institute, TWI is self-funding through our social entrepreneurial model. This is accomplished through the sale of learning and training tools that we provide to universities and training departments across the country. We offer ethics-focused training programs. And, we provide services to organizations to assist them in maximizing their effectiveness by building an ethics-impacted work environment. We also donate our

Ethics is about people and relationships.

TWI believes that the most meaningful and profound way to build an ethical organization is by empowering individuals to do what is right. This is accomplished by providing ethical knowledge, self-awareness and communication tools that give people the confidence and skills to make appropriate choices for ethical action, equipping individuals to make a positive difference. We refer to this as Transformative Ethics™.

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