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Our Approach

An ethics program that exists on paper but never in the hearts, minds, and actions of the organization’s employees creates a breeding ground for violations.
- Ethical Cultural Building: A modern business imperative
  A research report by The Ethics Resource Center – 2008

Transforming hearts and minds—transforming the organization

Transformative Ethics™ is about empowering people to be a force for building a stronger ethical community. People and relationships are the focus, moving beyond reliance on codes of conduct, providing awareness and tools that empower personal responsibility and accountability for ethical decisions, thereby creating "a drop of ethical value that creates a ripple of change and influence." The result: Ethical culture that lives in hearts and minds.

TWI’s approach is innovative. Rather than relying on conforming, we’re focused on transforming.

Our approach is to work with people and organizations to help:

  • Identify their individual ethical approach to decisions,
  • Articulate their reasoning for their choices,
  • Equip them with tools for ethical decision making,
  • Empower them to be responsible for those decisions—in both their personal and professional lives.

Our training programs move individuals from reacting out of an emotional response to situations, to empowering them to choose to act through reasoned responses to situations and proactively communicate that choice.

The result? Leaders are more effective. Employees are more engaged and empowered. Teams share mutual trust and respect for individual judgment. And, a culture where individuals share a greater commitment to performance integrity, to each other, and to the organization.

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